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In the past, the focus of technical documentation was on efficient and high-quality document creation. However, the requirements of the modern working world can no longer be met with this approach to work. The challenge is to provide the user with the information in an intelligent way.  The component management system TIM offers you the right all-round package for this: perfect user experience with automated workflows and supporting tools.

In addition, the information can be provided digitally to the end user in a target group-oriented manner via our Content Delivery.

Working with TIM offers you: time saving, overview and user orientation on a high quality and modern working level.


Arbeiten mit TIM

Thanks to TIM, your variant management will be easier and better organized than ever before. Our component content management system also offers the option of single source publishing.

Whether for a web app, HTML or a PDF, as a technical writer you maintain just one source and then you are able to publish variant-rich information in a wide variety of formats and media.

With TIM, you benefit from collaborative task and project management that can be used across company boundaries. The question of who works on what and when is therefore a problem of the past. With refined authoring support, cross-reference checking options, the Schematron check function, and the bulk check, you can create documentation of the highest quality right from the start. At the same time, the clear and intuitive Review Service supports you in the qualitative evaluation of your information by third parties. TIM enables collaborative work through a variety of possible interfaces to systems such as TMS, ERP, SAP or CRM.

With TIM at your side, your work is efficient, successful and more fun than ever.

The latest version of TIM

Highlights with TIM


With TIM Infomanager you succeed in creating your information module-oriented and independently. In doing so, you design your editorial processes to be highly transparent, digital and extremely efficient. Thanks to modern working methods and technologies, you are able to successfully realize your projects across global company boundaries.

TaskPro Manager

With the TaskPro Manager integrated in TIM, you succeed in managing projects and tasks collaboratively. From document maintenance to sprint documentation and step-by-step instructions, there are numerous ways to promote and optimize collaboration.

Review Service

Now it's easy to ensure the high quality of your content. TIM includes a smart Review Service that allows you to keep your documentation quality at a high level. Various dashboards guarantee you an all-encompassing, immediate overview. The intelligent Compare Service allows you to track and apply changes to your information at any time.

Content Delivery

Provide answers to your users quickly and with ease. Fischers Content Delivery is your solution for providing user-oriented information online. This ensures that you can fulfill your customers' information demands and provide product information, video tutorials, or spare parts information with pinpoint accuracy.

TIM is a Match

5 reasons why you found the CCMS you are looking for


Put an end to unnecessary extra work

Automated workflows for publication and translation processes create noticeable relief. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of your technical editing department will increase.


Modern variant management

The modern variant, variable and change management has been perfected over the years and supports a wide range of solutions.


Look forward to your product descriptions in the highest quality

Cross-site modules and translations guarantee you a universal standard. Tools such as the refined authoring support and the highly advanced review system help you to avoid errors in your documentation.


Look forward to simple, cross-company collaboration

With TaskPro Manager and a wide variety of interfaces, you can plan and implement tasks and projects company-wide from within the newsroom.



Save valuable time!

You as editor save time through well-defined processes, approvals, automated layouts in the publication process. Your users save time by finding information quickly and easily, thanks to a clever metadata concept. 

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