Plant documentation

Many construction sites require a lot of time

What is plant documentation? Plant documentation is a synonym for technical documentation of comprehensive and complex production plants. This includes, for example, factories or production lines. Also known as as-built documentation, it bundles all information in one central location. This allows you to precisely document all work statuses, optimize service and minimize downtime.

Large projects often consist of many trades and complex project phases that must be carefully and efficiently processed through the entire asset lifecycle for all types of asset documentation. Multiple documentation statuses must be prepared and delivered throughout the project - as planned, as built, as maintained. In addition, you need to ensure the legal compliance, timeliness, and language management of your documentation.

Maintain your information centrally with plant documentation

With our TIM component content management system, you can focus on creating high-quality information that you manage once (single source) in a central database. The information is clearly identifiable and easy to find via classification, versioning, and full text search. Define your project structures in TIM and assign the appropriate information to your projects. This ensures that every project status is reproducible and archived in a legally compliant manner. Create your documents according to legal compliant templates, structured and modular. This enables you to create specific publications at any time.

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Briefly, you immediately know where information is missing and, as the operator, can update all documents at the push of a button. TIM knows exactly which languages are available in which status and controls the translation process accordingly. Once translated, information is immediately available for all projects. Use modern media such as videos, animations and 3D models for smooth operation and highly efficient service processes when handing over to the operator. This reduces downtime and makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier for your service staff by providing relevant information on the appropriate medium.

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