Task and project management

Diverse tasks in technical editing

The list of tasks in technical editing is long and varied. In addition to the creation of technical instructions, research and text concepts, it also includes a whole range of organizational activities, such as translation and terminology management.

In addition, Technical Editing works closely with many other departments, such as Product Management or Marketing, and is in constant exchange with them.

Manage tasks and projects easily & intuitively with TIM TaskPro Manager

In technical editing, the challenge is to keep track of all the different tasks and projects. How does it work? With the TaskPro Manager of the TIM editorial system. Because technical editing is also project management. With the TIM TaskPro Manager, it is possible to plan projects and tasks intuitively and assign them clearly.

4 good reasons for TIM TaskPro Manager

4 good reasons why using TaskPro Manager in the TIM editorial system makes your work in technical editing much easier.

Keep the overview and react in time

  • Thanks to the new progress indicator, you can see which of your projects is how far along and where problems may occur.
  • The comprehensive comment function lets you easily coordinate cross-domain work.
  • The global search and predefined search filters for projects, tasks and subtasks provide a quick and easy overview.

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