Knowledge management

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management defines the process of collecting, organizing, sharing and analyzing information and knowledge. In doing so, it is important to find existing data, enter fresh data, and at the same time tap into a wide variety of data sources. In doing so, you succeed in creating valuable knowledge from summarized information. This knowledge can then be made available to all employees and stakeholders. As a result, work becomes more transparent and efficient than ever before. With Fischer's Databrain Sherlock, we offer you the information platform that will make this possible.

We support you in mastering the challenges that come with knowledge management and help you to optimize it.

In summary: Databrain Sherlock helps you to manage, communicate and structure knowledge. Sherlock achieves this by sustainably breaking down your data silos and connecting a wide variety of data sources. Knowledge management with Sherlock allows you to link information intelligently with one another, and then to share it with specific audiences.

Benefits of knowledge management

Proper knowledge management gives your company a competitive edge. Sherlock helps you to access your information faster and guarantees an improvement of your company's internal processes. This allows you to maintain an overview of your entire supply chain and respond to problems and challenges in real time.

Manage Big Data with ease

Databrain Sherlock supports your knowledge management by linking and processing Big Data intelligently. This ensures the quality and sustainability of your knowledge and creates transparent, seamless communication.

Add value to data and make it usable

For effective knowledge management, it is important to have an unrestricted view of your data. Sherlock Databrain provides you with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that supports you in data modeling. This is how you succeed in data transformation and data enrichment.

Your data integration - automated please

Anyone who talks about knowledge management must also talk about automated data integration. This involves breaking down data silos, making them accessible and linking them smartly with each other. This is how you can guarantee high-quality interfaces for optimal information access.

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