Technical documentation

What is technical documentation?

Fischer represents technical documentation at the highest level. But what is technical documentation and why is it so important that we have spent the last 35 years pushing it forward? The task of technical documentation is to gather all information, documents and materials required for the use and operation of a device, machine, plant or software.

Technical documentation describes technical products and is prepared systematically. Its contents are created and structured by the technical writer. It is assumed that this content is fit for purpose, complete and always available.

What is the benefit of technical documentation?

Technical documentation helps to describe a product in a comprehensive and understandable way. The focus is particularly on providing information on the use of the product. It helps your customers to learn and understand how to handle the product at hand. A special challenge lies in the language. It must be easy for the target group to understand. In addition, a good and clear structure and navigation aids are important so that people can easily find their way around even extensive usage information.

Why is technical documentation required?

With proper technical documentation, you convey, first and foremost, a sense of security in dealing with your product. It is the basis for a high level in customer service. With effective technical documentation, you ensure that the user is always able to handle your product, whether it is software, a machine or a system, in a safe and appropriate manner. Good technical documentation can therefore enhance the customer experience, which in turn means better customer relations. Furthermore, good technical documentation minimizes your potential liability risk. It is the duty of a manufacturer to prevent malfunctions and damage to the product, as well as to persons and other property, by taking appropriate design measures. For this reason, operating instructions must contain warnings and safety instructions.

We recommend the TIM component content management system to simplify the creation of your technical documentation and at the same time to ensure that it follows the law and the rules, even in the opaque jungle of standards and directives. Find out more about DIN EN 82079-1 and what to look out for in the mother of all standards here: DIN EN 82079-1 & the new version of the standard

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