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New technologies offer an infinite number of possibilities to generate real value for your customers. Take your chance and be ahead in the age of digitalization with your company. We are passionate about accompanying you on this journey. Let us advise you - responsibly, reliably and with the goal of establishing a productive solution. Our employees are experts in digitalization and information management.

Based on numerous customer projects and our innovative way of thinking, we advise and support you in your digitalization strategy. Exploit your potential and learn how to score points on the market with your digital product communication and inspire your customers.


Intelligent information - how do I get there

Digitization requires intelligent information. The foundation for this is usually metadata and the right context structures. This allows users to navigate to the information they need in a way that is oriented toward their target groups. Digital access to information is important for that. In addition, adapted processes are essential for modern editorial work, so that in combination with an optimal support and simplification for the user and the editorial office is achieved.

Automation and integration - customized product information at the click of a button

Efficiency and quality are important components of digitization. For this, much can be achieved with the right automation by eliminating error-prone and manual activities and replacing them with automated workflows. This allows the focus to be directed to other diverse tasks that help provide valuable information. With the right workflows and interfaces, these can then be integrated and embedded into existing or new business processes. For individualized product information, the configuration of usage information also plays an essential role.

Digital information supply

The digital supply of information is an important component in the modern world and in the age of Industry 4.0. It is essential to ensure modern, attractive and global access on any end device. However, if you want to guarantee the user a good user experience and thus also the reuse of the information, there is more to it than that: contextual access. This means that everyone gets exactly the individualized user interface and information modules they need for their search.

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  • Consulting and analytics for a wide variety of requirements & processes for your company's technical writing and digitization strategy.
  • With effective training and consulting, you will be able to work successfully with our standard software very quickly. 
  • We accompany and plan your IT project from A to Z with our project team.
  • We support you in the implementation of a digital business model from data analysis, structuring of data, connection of source systems, data migration, information modeling to implementation.
  • In addition, after the project realization our support is always there for you as a business partner!

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