Service Assistant

Faster and Better Service

Increase the quality of your service and save noticeably on costs by processing your information smarter. All relevant service information on your machines and systems is linked from the various source systems. Via a user-friendly interface - the Service Assistant - this information is provided to every user, regardless of whether it is a maintenance engineer, service technician, support or your customers themselves.

You are not yet sure what your service actually needs? No problem! You have the possibility to let your Service Assistant grow piece by piece and thereby support your service employees, customers and other users of service information in an optimal and user-oriented way.

Service Assistant applications

Fast and efficient troubleshooting during machine downtime

With the Service Assistant, you are able to maintain the schedules of your service staff centrally and in an efficient manner. If an error message occurs on one of your machines, your customer can immediately transmit the displayed error code to the Service Assistant. This informs the service employee of the defect, who is immediately on the spot with the right tool. Using video instructions provided by the Service Assistant, the repair process can be carried out quick and easy. Afterwards, important key data is transmitted directly to headquarters, enabling you to plan repairs better in the future. In this way, the Service Assistant saves you as a machine manufacturer, but also your customers, a lot of time and money!

Carry out maintenance work flexibly

Regular maintenance is part of the daily routine for many industrial machine builders. With the Service Assistant from Fischer, this becomes child's play and can be carried out safely in no time at all. Using a digital checklist, employees are guided through the entire maintenance process. This guarantees maximum flexibility and supports you in keeping the machines in good working order at all times.

User-oriented instruction manuals

Provide the consumer of your products with user-friendly operating instructions. Your end user will thank you for it! With the Service Assistant from Fischer, you succeed, for example as a distributor of devices such as heaters, to include an operating manual that guarantees easy handling even without technical know-how. With the Service Assistant, the user scans the QR code on the device to be operated, enters the error code and is then taken directly to the appropriate chapter of the manual. The Service Assistant then guides the user step by step through the troubleshooting process. In this manner, you ensure higher customer satisfaction, a noticeable reduction of workload for your service staff, and significant cost savings. What are you waiting for?

All service information at a glance

The Service Assistant cockpit provides a unified view for your service. The intuitive operability enables efficient work without operating breaks.

What is the Service Assistant capable of?

Service information at a single glance

All relevant information for the service can be found and accessed at any time in an app via an intuitive search. Via the cockpit, the service employee sees what tasks he needs to perform and is able to complete them in a focussed manner.


Wide range of uses for the service department

Spare parts purchasing, interactive maintenance checklists, guided troubleshooting during machine downtime or step-by-step instructions for commissioning - the Service Assistant provides support for numerous scenarios.


Integration of further sources

Integrate data from external systems easily as well as flexibly and access service information from other systems centrally.


Manage access rights flexibly

Easily manage user roles, access rights, and permissions. You determine who has access to what service documents and when. In this way, you limit the search of your target groups and guarantee that they can quickly find the information they need.


5 good reasons for the Service Assistant


You get more happy customers by providing a professional service.


Interactive maintenance checklists help you reduce your maintenance efforts.


By means of guided error diagnostics, you can significantly reduce downtimes.


Train new employees more efficiently and faster as a result of the standardization of your service. Since expertise is available across departments, collaboration becomes straightforward and decentralized.


Service requests are closed faster by fast and easy identification of service answers. Your customer service is significantly relieved.

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