Automation in technical writing

Routine tasks slow down your work and work processes in technical writing unnecessarily

Monotonous, regular and recurring tasks that must be performed according to the same rules every time are time-consuming and unnecessarily costly in the aggregate. In addition, the user can only perform one action at a time. During long work processes, it is therefore not possible to continue working on other tasks.

You know this problem in your company, for example, in translation and publication processes. The result is that basically simple activities and workflows cause significant but avoidable costs.

Reliable automation processes support your technical documentation

The TIM component content management system offers you various automation modules that you can combine, depending on the application. Benefit from clear and easy-to-define rules that you set yourself. You determine what TIM should do to support specific workflows. In well thought-out processes, tasks are thus collected by the TIM software and output collectively to the user, who can process them easily, time- and cost-efficiently.

Simplified workflows and centralized
resources save your money

With automated workflows, you can centralize resources in your company and simplify work processes. Let the TIM component content management system take over certain tasks. It is your friend and helper, so that technical documentation employees can concentrate on the essentials. TIM automates your translation and publication process. You save resources while TIM works reliably for you, and you can focus on other tasks.

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