Digital product communication

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What is Digital Product Communication? We define product communication as the systematic preparation, enrichment and dissemination of important, product-relevant information. With Digital Product Communication, we digitize this process and make your information available with maximum flexibility.

The expectations of modern product communication are diverse.

Particularly in the B2B sector, mobile devices, the use of videos, situation-oriented target-oriented information access or the diverse usability of information are changing product communication. They must meet the expectations of internal and external users. In the future, you will be in contact with your target group and customers digitally, in addition to classic, printed communication.

Configure digital information individually

Digitalization leads to new, flexible products. Based on standardized components, you put together modularized products for your customers according to their requirements. A product model defines the possible variants and configurations. A corresponding information model allows you to configure the appropriate information in the same way and to derive the information collection for product communication from the product configuration.

Information drives new business models

New business models based on integrated overall systems require a new availability of information and thus a new quality of product communication. In addition, innovative product communication will enable companies to significantly influence their market position and open new, information-based business areas.

TIM Content Delivery & Context Manage, the Key to Digital Product Communication

In combination with the Context Manager, Fischer's TIM Content Delivery makes it possible to deliver product information, video instructions, or spare part information to the exact user who needs it at that moment. How? Quite simply, once a user guide has been completed, providers can easily link individual segments for delivery in TIM Content Delivery before using the Context Manager to create structures that significantly simplify navigation. This ensures that information is delivered quickly and in a targeted manner.

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