TIM Content Delivery

Locate information, fast & efficiently.

Provide solutions to your users' issues and meet the current need for information. Today's users expect a quick and easy approach to solve their problems. Even before Google kicks in, the first video on YouTube is often viewed.

This is exactly where our content delivery begins. Provide your users with tailored and easy-to-understand answers (e.g. instructions for action in the event of a malfunction in video form) digitally, simply and, above all, quickly at any time.

TIM Content Delivery in 90 sec.

Distribute product information, video instructions or spare parts information with pinpoint accuracy. This is how simple user-oriented, digital information provision is today!

What can TIM Content Delivery do?

Detailed search and filter functions

A global, error-tolerant search with auto-completion allows the user to conveniently enter keywords. The integrated synonym search also finds terms that have several designations. By means of comprehensive filter options, these can be specified very easily.

Intuitive navigation structures

Guide your users to the information they need quickly and easily via an intuitive navigation tile of text-image combinations.

Integration of modern media

Insert 3D animations and videos with jump labels easily into the Content Delivery SaaS solution. Create attractive and modern methods of information delivery.


Create a brand recognition value and easily adapt the frontend to your corporate design with just a few clicks.

Integration of other sources

You can connect additional information sources such as ERP or PIM systems at any time and thus inform your users even better.

Curious? Download flyer!

4 good reasons for TIM Content Delivery


Create a common knowledge base and expand it continuously. Use the same database for e.g. service, training, sales, marketing and much more.


Make knowledge available easily and digitally. For all your target groups, both internal and external. In the form of an application with different views.


Reduce downtime and search times. Use TIM Content Delivery as a reliable service portal.


Address the individual information requests of your users and reduce the workload of your support team. Deliver solutions to your users' problems simply, quickly, and digitally.

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