Benefit from terminology in your company

What are the benefits of proper terminology work? Terminology offers numerous advantages for your company. In using terminology, you map your company's conceptual world. Terminology checking ensures that you use your terms consistently across all documents.

This helps you enhance customer loyalty, improve the comprehensibility of your content, and avoid liability risks. In addition, you save translation costs through uniform terminology and can supply this directly to the translators if necessary.

Terminology work with TIM authoring support

TIM Authoring Assistance includes term deposit in Congree TermTiger, a term-oriented, multilingual terminology database. When creating content in editors such as FrameMaker or XMAX, the deposited terms are checked directly by the Congree terminology checker. Many variants are automatically recognized. This reduces the terminology maintenance effort and the check achieves broader coverage. Variants include, for example, inflectional forms, syntactic variants and, of course, hyphen variants. By maintaining your terminology in TermTiger and using the integrated terminology check directly while writing in TIM Authoring Assistance, you too can benefit from these advantages.

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