Smart documentation

New technologies bring challenges

Bet on the future of technical documentation and use your information for smart documentation. The technical documentation in your company manages a great deal of valuable information. But they are only a great treasure if they are used correctly. However, digitization is changing the way information is used and accessed.

Your users need the information processed differently. Information is increasingly accessed via mobile devices. Apps, portals as well as videos, interactive graphics or augmented reality set the future standards for your technical documentation.

TIM links old documentation and new media

For your product communication, you should rely on an editorial system that offers you interfaces to new media and technologies. With TIM you have the possibility to keep your administration effort of videos, interactive graphics and other documentations low. Take advantage of synergy effects and benefit, for example, from other media that have already been completed. Clearly defined steps and established processes enable efficient handling of editorial work based on unambiguous standards. Choose sustainable management of your information.

To the TIM editorial system

Smart an intelligent documentation offers you more

Your product communication receives a new quality and, above all, a future-proof reorientation. Maintain your information once and use it in a variety of ways that add significant value to your customers. With TIM, you no longer must outsource video production, for example, but can set your own priorities in product communication. Choose smart documentation and take advantage of the new technologies for your service app or customer portal.

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