Authoring support

The authoring support for powerful text verification

What scope of functions does authoring support usually include? Authoring support offers numerous advantages for your company. Basically, authoring assistance supports the creation of new texts in your familiar working environment and pays attention to the spell check, grammar check, terminology management and authoring memory.



By using authoring support, the daily creation of texts should be made easier and thus the comprehensibility of your content will also be improved. In addition, you save time and possibly otherwise pending correction loops for the text check for spelling and terminology.

With TIM authoring support you benefit from a full range of functions

Starting with TIM 4.3, every TIM installation includes TIM authoring support. TIM authoring support powerd by Congree, features seamless integration, powerful text validation and intelligent sentence storage.

To the TIM editorial system

Seamless integration

Integrated into your familiar working environment, TIM authoring support helps you create new texts. The revision and checking of existing texts also takes place in TIM XMAX or TIM with FrameMaker. The real-time check provides suggestions for improvement directly when writing texts. 

Powerful text verification

The text checker verifys spelling, grammar and terminology based on rules. Accepting correction suggestions ensures and improves text quality. With TermTiger, the integrated tool for managing your terminology, you can efficiently manage terms and designations.

Intelligent record memory

Authoring memory allows the reuse of existing and freely given sentences and thus ensures more consistency at sentence level. In addition, the authoring memory increases the efficiency of text creation.

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