Create software documentation easily

Software documentation

What is software documentation? The task of software documentation is to explain the digital processes of the software. This makes them easy to understand and follow for all users and target audiences.

With the TIM component content management system, you document your software innovatively, as well as in accordance with standards and, above all, you reduce the creation and administration effort of your software documentation at the same time.

Free information is useful

Fully exploit the potential of your information and make it flexibly usable. PDF, web portals, apps - any type of information provision is possible. Provide your information in the TIM content management system with meaningful metadata and contexts and make the information findable in a target group-oriented manner in all media and on all end devices.

TIM makes the exchange of software texts simple

Benefit from the simple exchange of software texts, descriptions and error descriptions with development. Integrated into the software development process, from a single source, always up to date. Use TIM's proven translation management for software texts as well.

To the TIM editorial system

Flexible control of software documentation

Configure your documentation like your software. With the help of a feature list, you always receive the documentation that exactly matches your software configuration. This means you are just as flexible in your documentation as you are in your software.

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