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Benefit from versatile tools that will help you to make all of your product information usable in a digital form - from whatever source and at whatever stage of the product lifecycle. You keep full control of your complete database, and your customers can find what they need - whenever and wherever they want.

Make sure that the high quality of your products is reflected one-to-one in your product communication - from overall data management to business models and consumer communication. Access your valuable information with the Fischer Digitization Suite. Anytime, anywhere.


What's new at Fischer? Read all about current topics, fascinating projects and future developments in the field of digital product communication.


Award for Fischer: Innovative through research. Recognition of commitment to research and development.

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Fischer TOP JOB employer 2020

Fischer is one of the best employers in Germany and was awarded the TOP JOB Seal 2020 in Berlin on 28 February 2020.

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What's new at Fischer? Read all about current topics, fascinating projects and future developments in the field of digital product communication.

Consistent, digital product communication

Discover the inspiringly simple world made by Fischer.

Plant documentation

Major projects often comprise many smaller units and complex project phases that need to be worked through carefully and efficiently for all kinds of plant documentation across the entire plant life cycle. In the course of the project, documentation has to be prepared and delivered in different states - as-planned, as-built, as-maintained.

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Content Delivery 2.0

Create the basis for your digital product communication. Use a portal to ensure that your customers, sales, service, training, etc. find the information they need in seconds and that their questions are answered precisely.

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Digital product communication

Digitalization results in new, flexible products. You create modular products for your customers according to specifications based on standardized components. A product model defines the possible variants and configurations. A corresponding information model allows you to configure the information you need and capture information from the product configuration for your product communication.

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Use all the sources of valuable information in your company. Create links between different pieces of information. Use the iiRDS standard to exchange information with companies in other industries, too. 

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Individual documentation

Your customers can put together their individual product according to their own requirements from your modular system. Thanks to modular structures and processes, it is efficient and cost-effective to produce. But what does this mean for your technical documentation? Can you provide your customers with the description that corresponds exactly to their individual product without too much effort?

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Information management

Bring together information from various sources. Link existing data based on mapping and intelligent rules and add missing information to your data. Make your information available for different requirements via definable views. That way, you get more out of your data and your existing systems.

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Catalogs and data sheets

Whether in a conventional form as a printed catalog or digitally as an online shop, your product data must be visible - and above all up-to-date - for all user groups. These data become really valuable when they reflect your product portfolio completely and in an appealing way at the requested time.

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Sales and service portals

Sales information comes from various departments - from Customer Service, from Marketing, from Product Management and from Sales. As each department works with different systems, the information comes from various source systems.

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Service informaton

Excellent service keeps your customers satisfied. At the same time, it can cost you a lot of money. Whenever an error is displayed, it is important that the machine is fully functional again as soon as possible.

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Smart documentation

Smart documentation takes your product communication to a new level in terms of quality and above all sustainability. Enter your data once and use it in different ways to create added value for your customers. With TIM, you no longer have to outsource your video production, for example, but can set your own priorities in your production communication.

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Software documentation

Create efficient software documentation in suitable formats, integrated in the development process - from a single source and driven via the configuration. Your documentation process is innovative and efficient thanks to TIM. Reduce the cost of generating and managing your software documentation and optimize the benefits

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Video documentation

Videos, augmented and virtual reality or 3D graphics offer a wide range of options for presenting complex issues in a more easily understandable way, for example for corporate service and training. However, one-off videos or graphics that are created for one occasion are very cost-intensive. 

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Take the easy route to end-to-end digital product communication.

Access your valuable information with the Fischer Digitization Suite. Anytime, anywhere.

Information management

Use company data from various sources. Create new knowledge by linking your information intelligently and making it available it to others as needed.

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Systematic content management

Put your product information on a digital footing with TIM, our comprehensive content management system for your technical documentation.

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Keep control of your product data

Give your product communication a boost. Deliver complete, up-to-date product information along the entire value chain.

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Consulting - Your partner from the start

Make your product communication unbeatable with an individual solution based on tried-and-tested standard software. Take advantage of our expertise and experience to optimize your technical documentation and make digitalization work for your company.

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