TIM version 4.8

With TIM 4.8 crafting user experiences - harvesting growth

The new version TIM 4.8 will be available from 12.12.2023. TIM 4.8 is the temptation you can't resist as a technical writer. With the new functions and improvements, you will benefit from smarter processes and create consistent user experiences for your customers - and thus generate sustainable growth for your company.

Interested and curious? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Even if you are not yet completely convinced, we have even more good reasons for TIM 4.8. We look forward to hearing from you.

8 good reasons for the new TIM 4.8

The focus of the new version lies not only on optimized collaboration but also on automation and workflows for process optimization. Manual and cumbersome are a thing of the past—smart and automated with TIM 4.8 is today.

New variant assignment dialog replaces existing TIM InfoManager dialog

  • Intuitive operation and a modern design save you valuable time as a technical editor.
  • You can now easily copy and paste selected variants from one module to another. This not only makes your work easier, but also minimizes the manual effort involved in creating or adapting modules.
  • It is also possible to search for variant-forming characteristics and highlight negated variant-forming characteristics.

Browser-based information acquisition through TIM Web XML Editor

With the TIM Web XML Editor, browser-based information acquisition is easy from anywhere. Additional departments, external service providers or locations can be connected quickly and easily without the need for installation.  Further functional additions: 

  • Toolbar for quick capture
  • HTML & XML preview
  • XML expert editing mode

Consistent process automation from approval to publication

  • You benefit from considerable time savings thanks to complete automation from the time of approval.
  • The quality of the created content is significantly improved by automated, rule-based and server-side publications.
  • Your flexibility is increased by the option of manual start and the implementation of special publications. This enables individual control of the publication process and the consideration of specific requirements.
  • Transparency is ensured by the control database and e-mail notifications. This gives you a clear overview of the status of the processes that build on each other and you are proactively informed about relevant developments.

Full automation: Efficient workflows for your technical editing department

New generation nodes enable simple integration of external content

  • This allows you to integrate your external documents effortlessly and without redundancies, or generate spare parts catalogs including the necessary external documentation.
  • The output takes place in HTML5 Webapp, so that all referenced documents are delivered in it and web links, e.g. to your spare parts catalogs, are possible.
  • The definition of a project directory ensures reproducibility for later use.
  • Fischer supports the preparation of input from various output formats so that the transformation into the required target format can be firmly integrated into the process.


Download TIM 4.8 flyer now!

The new structure tree in the TIM Review Service ensures more clarity and productivity in the review with a simple entry point

The search function in the structure tree allows you to search for specific content and find it quickly, while showing and hiding the structure tree allows flexible adaptation to individual preferences.

In addition, opening and closing the substructures or subchapters makes navigation within the structure tree much easier and allows you to maintain an overview even with extensive collections of information. Targeting specific chapters is particularly useful for accessing relevant information directly without having to scroll through the structure tree for a long time.


Connection of PIM data to TIM Content Delivery - product and usage information in one place

  • The simple integration of PIM data enables a more specific data output.
  • All product information are structured according to the product hierarchy and are easy to find, which makes navigation easier.
  • The ability to quickly find information from TIM and PIM at a glance is a time-saving solution.
  • Supplementing the topic-based information collections from TIM with PIM data in various formats (HTML, PDF, iiRDS packages) expands the available information.
  • The linking of TIM and PIM data via article master data using the intelligent information platform Sherlock® guarantees seamless integration.

Felix Burth, 
Product Owner TIM/Content Delivery

"With the TIM 4.8 editing system, editors can concentrate even better on their core business, create user experiences for their customers and generate growth for their company from this. Further innovative features will follow this path."

Felix Burth has been with Fischer since 2017. In his professional career, he has worked as a project manager and head of the Solutions department. He is the Product Manager for the TIM editorial system and Content Delivery since mid-2023.