iiRDS Standard

What is iiRDS?

Your users, your customers as well as your service employees, want the right information they need right now to operate or maintain their mobile device, machine or plant. Get your information out of the information silos. Exchange them via the iiRDS exchange format and deliver them where they are needed.

iiRDS stands for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard. This is an international standard that allows you to provide intelligent information regardless of industry or manufacturer.

Why always me?

You know the situation: The coffee machine in the office has run out of beans, but the drip tray is full and wants to be emptied. At least there is an error message and no flooding!
Similar situations occur with large machines or plants. If no immediate reaction and action is taken here, the damage is much greater. But where does the valuable, helpful information come from? We take care of that with TIM and Sherlock using the iiRDS exchange format.

The right information in context

As a founding member of the iiRDS consortium, we contribute our decades of experience in the field of intelligent information and standardized metadata models, as well as the provision of information for portals and applications, and work on the further development of the standard.

iiRDS brings your information together

Use all your valuable information sources in the company. Connect your information. With the iiRDS standard, you can also easily share information with other companies in other industries. Or easily integrate information from other manufacturers.
Did you know: iiRDS is compatible with all component content management systems and with Sherlock!
The information are individualized and provided according to the situation. This enables your users, customers, service technicians to always act quickly and goal-oriented.

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