WACHTEL meets TIM. Taking a look at a great success story

WACHTEL uses the TIM content management system to create operating manuals for its wide range of furnaces quickly, easily and to a high standard of quality.

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    WACHTEL meets TIM. Taking a look at a great success story

    TIM relieves WACHTEL by...

    • content is centrally managed and recorded in a structured manner.
    • content that has already been entered and translated can be reused.
    • specific content can be found quickly using special search functions.
    • n conjunction with the authoring tool - terminological consistency is ensured.

    Whether it's rolls, buns, pretzels or croissant, anyone who celebrates their sunday breakfast with bakery products must love WACHTEL. Founded in 1923, the company stands for bakery ovens, loaders and cooling systems made in Germany. As one of the most important partners of the time-honored German and international bakery trade, WACHTEL recognized itself early on in its role as a pioneer in digitalization. This is also reflected in the company's internal processes.

    In 2019, technical documentation has moved into WACHTEL's focus. As the family-owned company successfully operates internationally, their premium products are distributed around the globe. In fact, there are currently 24 official languages in Europe alone in which the complex documents relating to the product range have to be created and then translated.


    With TIM through the variant jungle of technical documentation

    With conventional text editing programs such as Word, for example, the increasing variety of information and the wealth of variants eventually reach a point where neither organizational skills nor a brilliant filing structure can lead to a sustained optimal mastery of the "jungle of technical documentation". At this point, WACHTEL realized that its goal must be to manage its wealth of information even more efficiently. And this is exactly where the TIM content management system comes into play. With the editing system, WACHTEL succeeds in saving time and costs by means of automated workflows and the reuse of data.

    Technical content management: WACHTEL and Fischer, a good match

    The TIM content management system offers a smart metadata concept which, in combination with the intelligent search function, makes it possible to find the correct and necessary information units quickly and in a targeted manner.
    TIM's authoring support contributes significantly to target group-oriented communication without getting lost in the challenges of technical terminology. The result is convincing all along the line - linguistically, contextually and stylistically consistent content that, above all, can also be translated easily (i.e. cost-efficiently).

    Lost in Translation? Not anymore!

    This is of particular importance because WACHTEL launches its products internationally and translating documents is daily business. TIM supports this with its automated workflows for publication and translation processes - and that has a motivating effect. "Practical experience has shown that we are increasing our document output and document quality with TIM - we also notice this in our communication with our customers" - summarizes Marion Büscher, Head of Technical Marketing at WACHTEL.


    TIM - the editorial system for quality improvement

    Before switching to TIM, the technical editor responsible for technical documentation at WACHTEL only worked with WORD. There were neither automation functions nor modularization or data reusability. Creating data redundancy was part of everyday practice. In 2019, TIM was installed. In just under a month, substantial user training was provided, and preliminary steps toward data migration and moralization were taken.

    With the TIM content management system, this number of variants can be significantly reduced through the modularization and reusability of content, because individual units of information that have once gone through their iteration process are automatically error-free in other places where they are used again. TIM knows which building block can be found in which document, giving the team and the technical editor more time to focus on the information content and information quality of the documents.

    TIM is also important for the Marketeers

    Operating instructions are not a necessary bad, but an important product component and an effective marketing tool. A good instruction manual helps to create a positive first impression of the product.

    So the goal is to create manuals that meet documentation and marketing objectives in equal measure. This strengthens customer loyalty and promotes after-sales cooperation. TIM has proven to be an essential tool in the pursuit of these goals.

    WACHTEL and Fischer - a pact for the future

    WACHTEL will continue to work with Fischer in the future. They have expressed great interest in the Service Assistant from Fischer. WACHTEL places a lot of emphasis on customer service and has four large service centers in Germany. "The idea of being able to link our rich service information from different source systems sounds quite appealing." Marion Büscher emphasizes.