Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2022

Dear Customers, Ladies and Gentlemen!


Covid 19 kept a firm grip on Germany and Europe in 2021 as well. The Federal Statistical Office expects Germany's gross domestic product to increase by 2.5% in 2021 - making up for last year's significant decline of around 5% is still a work in progress. We are not yet at the level of 2019. Supply bottlenecks around precursors and expensive raw materials have contributed to this only modest recovery.


Our main customer sector, machinery and plant engineering, expects an increase of around 10%. Not much for an industry that was hit particularly hard last year with a decline in new orders of around 18% and expected more. Many machine builders will be able to follow up on their 2019 figures, but many will not be able to do so yet. At the same time, the industry was not satisfied with 2019 at that time! Purchasing restraint for capital goods hits the mechanical engineering industry and its suppliers in the investment supply chain particularly hard.

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    Carl Pfeffer, CEO

    Fischer Information Technology AG

    Digital transformation as a strategic challenge

    Against this background, we at Fischer are pleased with a year of very significant growth, including into new sectors such as the automotive industry. We were able to continue our growth trend of previous years and iron out the Coronadelle. Digital transformation remains a key strategic concern for our customers. Nevertheless, dear customers, we are all struggling with the same operational challenges. Everyone is driving on sight. Sales cycles for suppliers remain long. Your high level of interest in our videos, webinars, customer days and other digital offerings and events has inspired and incentivized us. Well-positioned companies are now taking on the strategic challenge of digital transformation. Even if you haven't been as far along as others: Now is the opportunity to catch up. And this opportunity will be seized. We can support you in this, with proven software and platforms that put you in the fast lane, with our solutions around TIM and our data integration platform Sherlock.

    Our software as a digitization booster

    Our customers say of TIM that it is not only the best and most forward-looking editorial system for editors, but - even more important today - the best editorial system for digitization. Digital First! Today, many people talk about metadata and automation. These topics have been an important focus for us for many years. This also applies to the trend towards pure information replacing documents. With the right metadata, content delivery is a breeze - modular, of course, and as SaaS in the cloud. Because you want to reach the world with your information in a controlled and secure way, but 24/7. Content Delivery is built into the current TIM versions. Because content management without content delivery is pointless.

    Important trends are changing the work of traditional editorial staff. The demands on a modern editorial department are increasing significantly. The focus is on the user, not on a document. The number and variance of your products are increasing, new business models need access to relevant information, and regulatory requirements are becoming more demanding.

    How can you offer the user added value through information? By analyzing target groups and use cases, you can redesign the dialog with your customers. We help with this. This will change editorial work more than we did 30 years ago when we developed the first editorial system. On the basis of collaborative approaches, information platforms and knowledge databases are being created that supply all media, formats and technologies in a user-oriented manner.

    User-oriented information - the future of technical writing

    User-oriented information is becoming more and more important, and increasingly this is also anchored in standards such as IEC 82079. Customers are already on their way to digitalization, and Fischer's consulting services are an important step on this path. Global information provision naturally also means cloud and cloud technologies, which are becoming increasingly important. Fischer is very familiar with information platforms in the cloud from many projects and cloud support will be a big step in TIM 4.6. In addition, target group-specific information delivery via content delivery and the digital API is an essential part of the modern, editorial process. With TIM and the integrated Content Delivery function, we are pointing the way to this future.

    Implement new digital business models quickly and easily

    Back to digital transformation: Companies have to open up if they don't want to be left behind. For many - especially for established companies - this is a painful process. After all, they already have a business model! And somehow they have to manage to build a new business model alongside this established business model. A business model with a different logic than the one they are familiar with. The most important guiding question: How do your customers want to experience you in the future - let's say in 2030? No one knows exactly.

    One thing is certain: you will still want customers in 2030! So as a digitized company, you need to rediscover your customers. And acquire new customers. And your customers and prospects should discover you, as well as your great products. That's perhaps the only issue that's set today. And this is where we can help you. Through what?

    Intelligent information paves the way for your customers to discover your products. A lot of it is in TIM. Much is in other systems. Unleash the value of your data in the course of your Digital Transformation! Bring together your data assets that are important for your value creation, such as product and service information.

    Sherlock makes data integration and virtualization amazingly simple. Amazingly simple means: you start after a few clicks. Medium-sized customers achieve their goals in two days. Large corporate customers complete projects for which they have calculated 100 person-months in a few months with a handful of our specialists. With you, too, we can solve your challenges in an unimaginably short time.

    Set yourself ambitious goals and work with us along your value chain to develop the use cases of your target groups. We clarify interfaces, design appealing applications and connect data sources. Showcases and pilots on attractive interfaces are available within a very short time.

    Use your data to design completely new business models, any service you can think of, whether for interacting with customers, supporting your service, as a sales app or for e-learning. With Sherlock, you can get to digital business models in just 10 days - not months! Wouldn't that be a resolution for your New Year 2022?

    We say thank you and wish you Merry Christmas

    On behalf of the entire Fischer team, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year in the best of health. We look forward to working with you.

    Your Carl Pfeffer