TIM connect makes the allsafe portal ready for the future

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TIM connect makes the portal fit for the future

Allsafe is a company with international operations in the transport, aviation and retail industries. The company based in Engen offers standard equipment for load restraint as well as complex system solutions and bespoke products. With 180 employees and 10,000 product variants, allsafe optimizes its customers' logistics processes.

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The project in a nutshell

  • Online shop with a new design
  • Product descriptions expanded to present new content
  • Structured content
  • Professional translation management introduced
  • TIM connect integrated in the existing ERP system
  • ERP system and TIM connect automatically synchronized

As it was our first product information system, the project with Fischer was very exciting for us. Fischer's employees offered us very high-quality advice that was extremely helpful and enabled us to acquire a great deal of new knowledge. I am entirely satisfied with Fischer's performance.

Christoph Lang Project manager, allsafe Jungfalk GmbH & Co. KG

Customers looking for the right equipment to restrain their cargo will find what they are searching for in allsafe's new online shop. Various belts, racks and nets can be ordered and configured online. After max. 24 hours processing time they are on their way to the customer. Customers all over the world appreciate allsafe as their partner for security-related matters. It was therefore no longer sufficient to run the online shop in just two languages.

Thanks to the product information management system TIM connect, the company can now gather and organize a large number of product data for different languages. TIM connect's unique object structure reduces the complexity of a multilingual online shop, making it easy to maintain and manage a wide range of different data.

Allsafe uses PDO

Thanks to the product information management system TIM connect, allsafe can now gather and organize a large number of product data for different languages.

Foreign languages are translated in a flash with TIM connect

To ensure that the online shop can be used by international customers, it is essential that the different languages and the translation process are easy to handle. The product information management system TIM connect can set up and manage language-dependent variants of the different products. Only data that have not yet been translated are sent to the translation services provider via the integrated translation process. Translations that are already known are translated directly by TIM connect. After the data have been successfully translated, they can be simply imported into TIM connect. This translation process saves allsafe a lot of time and money and makes it possible to run the online shop successfully for international customers.

TIM connect is the hub for all product data

allsafe Success Story

Improving and simplifying product communication at allsafe

TIM connect is the hub for all product data

The product information management system TIM connect and the company's existing ERP system abas work hand-in-hand. This was an important prerequisite for implementing the project, which Fischer successfully fulfilled together with allsafe. To ensure that allsafe's online shop runs smoothly, the data from the ERP system are automatically imported into TIM connect. The article data are enriched in TIM connect so that they can be exported again at the end and imported into abas. This allows the online shop to access the enriched structured product data without any problems.

As a result, allsafe can use the data from both systems for other documents, such as brochures, data sheets and flyers, and for its website. The product data are structured in TIM connect and merged with the article data from abas. Both systems can be maintained in one single operation, without the effort of maintaining two individual systems.

In a second phase, allsafe plans to use the connection between TIM connect and abas to automatically generate product catalogs. This step will result in further improving and streamlining allsafe's product communication.

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