DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

Modularization, classification and structuring

Global organizations often have different standards that make it difficult to share information between business units. In addition, strict modularization of information and modern metadata concepts are becoming increasingly important. This leaves you with the task of structuring your valuable information in a meaningful way. This is the only way to reuse information and save money and time.

How? With the worldwide very successful structuring method DITA. DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture and is a standard of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), which was developed by various companies, significantly by IBM. This standard has a tool- and producer-independent information architecture, based on XML.

Use DITA with TIM and its flexible information model

Use DITA in combination with the CCMS TIM and its flexible information model. Due to its innovative, standardized and future-proof structure, this standard can also be used to organize information on maintenance, diagnostics, variants or configuration.

Create added value from your precious information

With TIM and DITA, you rely on an international information model and thus make your company capable of acting globally. TIM with DITA offers the possibility to exchange modular information between companies, suppliers or products quickly and securely. The exchange of information ensures that no redundant content is created. And you get real added value from reusable information and content.

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