Content management system TIM 4.6

Turn your users into experts of your products - through user-oriented information provision

The new version TIM 4.6 is available at the 22.02.2022. 

Are you wondering why you should work with TIM 4.6? We ask you the following questions:

  • Do you want to meet the expectations of your users and customers when providing your documentation?
  • Is your company pursuing a targeted digitization strategy?
  • Do you want to meet the new requirements of the standard for documentation (IEC 82079-1:2020)?
  • Should your customers be experts of your products, to make the right decisions?

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Enable targeted knowledge - with user-oriented content delivery and the Context Manager

  • With our new Context Manager and Content Delivery, distribute information directly to users and target groups.
  • The metadata and the new intelligent context structures make it even easier for users to navigate through your individualized content delivery portal. For example, even without knowing the correct product name, users can now find the information they need.
  • The Context Manager is the tool that, together with the metadata, makes intelligent information possible.
  • Maintain once, benefit in the long term: The usage structures can be easily created and maintained. In the process, the TIM objects can be quickly given a context via the structures.
Content Delivery and Context Manager

In the new version of the TIM 4.6 editorial system, the interaction of Content Delivery and Context Manager ensures simple and user-oriented information provision.

Look forward to a variety of product enhancements, such as:

  • TIM Web - Find objects with multi-select capabilities to trigger actions and further process the information objects. Create a task directly to objects or assign a context to them.
  • Deployment Service - The updates can be imported even easier, without great additional effort and thus always work on the latest technology.
  • Review Service - Quality assurance and control of content made even easier through improved handling of terms and third-party documents and simplified operation.
  • Variable Maintenance Tasks - Flexible recording of maintenance tasks with any number of intervals now included in the standard.
  • Simple glossary - Enhances the documentation as an explanation of terms, supports the user and provides clarity and transparency. During publication, all glossary modules are collected in a glossary and sorted automatically. Thanks to the structured collection, glossary modules, like all other modules, are taken into account in the release and translation process. Synonyms for the glossary entries can also be entered for content delivery.
  • Callout editor for software - language dependent screenshots are automatically detected and translated. Improved operation and batch processing optimize usage.

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Content Delivery and Context Manager

Easily ensure the quality of content with the Review Service. 

Design new possibilities for your users with TIM 4.6

Information overload in our world is getting bigger and bigger, and proactively providing the right amount of information to users is becoming more and more challenging. Users expect fast, digital answers to their questions. With the new version of the TIM 4.6 editorial system, you provide context-based information in a target group-oriented manner. Thus, as of the current TIM version, you not only meet the needs of smart information of your users, but also the newly promoted principles of the standard for documentation (IEC 82079-1:2020). Such as comprehensibility and minimalism, as these points depend on the context of use and the exclusively relevant provision according to the target groups.

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