iiRDS exchange format

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iiRDS free your data from information silos.

Use the exchange format iiRDS and deliver your information where it is needed. 

You know how it is: The coffee machine in the office has run out of beans, the tray is full and needs to be emptied. At least it doesn’t simply overflow thanks to an error message! Much the same can happen with a large machine or plant. If staff don’t react immediately, the damage can be much greater. Again, error messages help to avert this. But where does the valuable information come from? This is where TIM and Sherlock come into play, using the new exchange format iiRDS.


Fischer contributes its experience in the areas of intelligent information, metadata models and delivery of information for portals and applications.

Use all the sources of valuable information in your company. Create links between different pieces of information. Use the iiRDS standard to exchange information with companies in other industries, too. Or simply integrate information from other manufacturers.

Read more about the iiRDS exchange format here.

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