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Konnichiwa JTCA Symposium 2019

Under the overarching theme of "Growing Together", we will present our information platform Sherlock at the Technical Communication Symposium 2019 in Tokyo.

The JTCA (Japan Technical Communicators Association) is addressing the changes we are also increasingly noticing in our everyday lives as its leitmotif on 27 and 28 August. The boundaries are blurring and new links are being forged between manufacturers and customers, developers and editors as well as in many other areas.

Rainer Börsig (CTO) and Jochen Stadler (Product Manager).

Come and meet our consultants Rainer Börsig (CTO) and Jochen Stadler (Product Manager).

Visitors can look forward to a wide choice of lectures and workshops. We will be presenting a talk on “Turn big data into a big advantage". At the accompanying exhibition, interested participants can find out more about our content management system TIM and our information management platform Sherlock

Turn big data into a big advantage.

Rainer Börsig (CTO) und Jochen Stadler (Product Manager)

Fischer Information Technology AG, a German innovative Software enterprise, has proven its competence as a pioneer in technical documentation and product communication for more than 30 years. For a long time, efficiency was the primary goal for Content Management System users.

However, times are changing. Create additional value for your company, support digital transformation by systematically providing product and service information, based on true digitization of your most valuable company assets – your product information.

Let us show innovative use cases in sales, product management and service. Learn how you can turn your data into smart information. Realize how easy information can be made accessible to your customers and to the world. Simply and efficiently, from different source systems, creating both value and profits.

We are looking forward with eager anticipation to this interesting event organized by our Japanese friends.

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